Saturday, December 11, 2010


Conceptions is all about telling a story.

You give the viewer a piece of your self, this is where experience shows. If you have been through a lot in your life, you will tell interesting stories more easily.
This is a subject where you really have to open your eyes and look around. What can you see?

  • Do you see a dirty car passing and somebody has written "I love you" in the window.
  • Do you see a busy street in rush hour, there a tired business man standing and looking in to emptiness with tie thrown over his shoulder.
  • Do you see a bus where all passengers are looking in one direction except one.

What can you see?

The story can be very simple

Or it can be very complicated
Creating conceptions is the part where you really have to look in the mirror and capture what touches you the most.

A story in an image requires one very important element - The viewer. You as an artist only give a set of conceptions, but the viewer is the one that actually completes the story.

Children are usually a very good way of telling a story since they can tell so many things to different people.

Who is the story for?
Try to find a subject that your audience understands and can relate to and what makes them think.

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